We have so many ways that you can get involved that you can donate as little or as much time you wish. For example:

Are you an Artist?
A Fund Raiser?
A Tech person?
A Social Networker?
A Grant Writer?
Are you interested in our Site Development? 

Do you have a few hours a month to spare?
Here are some of the ways you can participate:


Youth Opportunities

We need youth to be our sounding board, to give us feedback on all aspects of our project and progress.  This is YOUR school!!!  We need YOUR voice!!!

Participate in one or more of our upcoming pilot programs.  Over the next year REAL Prep will be piloting a number of programs to try out our curriculum and to get your feedback on. What works? What could work better?  Does this speak to you?  Interest you?  Excite you?  Be a part of creating YOUR curriculum!


Stop Motion/Digital Animator – for REAL Prep web & presentation materials.

Database Interns – digital and physical management of REAL Prep records and contact lists.

Archive Assistant – working with our Archivist in the creation and management of our digital archive; also assist in the management of all REAL Prep physical documents.

Computer Arts Programs Tutor – To tutor REAL Prep Development Team & youth groups in computer arts programs & software


Office Interns – Organizing digital files, creating informational documents, filing, mailings, follow up calls, etc. Some work may be done from home

Information Distributors

Individuals that are available to distribute fliers, materials, etc. to various organizations and institutions, like PSU, PCC, Community Centers, etc.

Digital Point People - Be the point person in your community for getting out all REAL Prep information and updates. When we send you information you can forward it to your social network, via email, facebook, myspace, text, websites, media, etc.

Researchers and Readers

Individuals willing to do research in the following categories as directed by the Project Director and Development Team:

Education Reform

Readers needed to review and give feedback on relevant research and best practice literature.

Event Help

Individuals who are available to participate in a variety of ways for future REAL Prep events, including general event planning, venue scouting/relationships, securing donations, flier production & distribution, day of volunteers and more.

Email us at info@realprepcharter.org or call 971-678-5344 to learn more about our many Volunteer Opportunities and how to you can help REAL Prep Charter Academy.

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