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The REAL Story  

In Spring of 2008, an educator and an emcee sat together over glasses of orange juice to ponder the following questions:

In a city where the high school drop-out rate in the minority community is almost 1-1, are we, the children of the civil-rights generation ready to step up and take our place in the social justice movement of our time - Education Reform.

In a time when young people are almost constantly immersed in lyric stories and epic tales through ear buds and screens, is there some way we can help them find the ones best suited to nurture their growth and help them make sense of their world?

In a system where arts education is often the first cut from schools and relegated to after school programs for those who can find them, how can we reach the maximum number of artistic minded youth so that they can find and express their unique voice while also learning tolerance and appreciation for those of others?

In a country where the citizens have essentially decided that music should be a free commodity without insuring alternative supports are in place for artists to live and thrive, how can we help our next inspired generation prepare to be both artistic and entrepreneurial?

In a world that keeps shrinking everyday thanks to new technologies, how can we maximize the opportunities imbedded in the digital age so that young people are able to connect their passions with education and use the tools available, not just for leisure, but also as necessary preparation for college, careers and adult life?


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