Sample Class Curriculum

With the essential question “how is sound transmitted between people?” students begin a journey that will take them to new levels of appreciation for something, no doubt, near and dear to them; Their iPod!

Students will begin by exploring how an iPod works, right down to the actual transmission of sound through a chip. They will examine the musical and technological state of the culture as they know it, and the geo-political, economic and socio-cultural ingredients that led to the technologies of today. They will study the history of inventions and the biographies of inventors who contributed to the sharing of sounds between people. Ultimately, the iPod theme provides context for pop culture in the scope and sequence of world history, science and invention.

Through this thematic structure students will cover physics, anatomy and biology through the examination of sound waves, acoustics and the anatomy and physiology the human ear, and will begin their foundation skills in the studio. In Humanities, students will cover sociology, world history and health, visual and performing arts standards as they study the African Diaspora and experience its music, dance, performance and visual arts.


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