REAL Prep will prepare students for college, careers and global citizenship by offering a fundamentally different approach to education that is designed to address the needs of 21st century learners. We are driven by the belief that students will excel when provided with a personalized educational experience in which teachers serve as academic advisors/mentors and the curriculum is applicable to the real world.

REAL Prep will provide youth the opportunity to achieve a high school diploma by combining a strong project-based academic program with the exploration of creativity through the Recording Arts, Entertainment Industry and other artistic endeavors.

REAL Prep will be supported by partnerships with local and national artists, organizations, businesses, governmental agencies and volunteers. REAL Prep is dedicated to the idea that such a program, based on collaboration, advocacy and support, will help students learn better and become inspired to acquire the skills and attributes needed to succeed in any life pathway.

REAL Prep Charter Academy breaks down the traditional educational barriers by acknowledging that music and the arts, in both current and traditional forms, are modes for progressing global unification.

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