REAL Prep Charter Academy is ready to enroll!

Come to an Enrollment and Information Session for Parents, Students, Perspective Teachers and Community Members
Saturday March 26th 2011 at:
Matt Dishman Community Center
77 NE Knott
2pm – 4pm
The Recording Entertainment Arts and Literacy (R.E.A.L.) Prep Charter Academy is looking for up to 250 youth who have completed 8th grade and have not yet received an Oregon high school diploma or GED by their 21st birthday. R.E.A.L prep is a full diploma and college readiness public charter school, free and open to students from all neighborhoods.
Ideal R.E.A.L. students are looking for new ways to connect their own music and media interests, passions, and talents to meaningful real-world projects while gaining their high school diplomas, preparing for acceptance to college or other post-secondary training, all while learning skills that will lead to an entry level position in  local and national creative industries.  R.E.A.L. Prep Charter is specifically designed to meet the needs of students who:
●      Are underperforming or uninspired in the traditional classroom
●      Are at-risk for dropping out of school
●      Are currently enrolled in private or alternative educational programs
●      Would be more successful in a small-group individualized learning environment (ELL, SpEd, etc.)
Please join us at this event to learn more about the application and enrollment process learn about our site and curriculum development process and get your questions answered. Come and discover for yourself what we mean when we say “it’s time for our city to get R.E.A.L.”


Knowledge Hosted by Zulu Nation

Flyer for Element Friday

Join us for a Special Showcasing of Talent with Vursatyl The Great hosting!
The following artists are performing at the Zulu Nation Firth Element First Friday:
Arion B., Caption, Zoo, So the kid, and Speaker Mind
This is an ALL AGES event!
Please call 917-842-2926 for more info.


Open House & Community Celebration