There are a number of ways that you can donate to REAL Prep Charter Academy!

Financial Support

The most needed and basic way to help support REAL Prep is by donating financially.

The reality is, that although we have secured funding, our federal grant does not allow REAL Prep to use any of that money for rent, lease or use of a building until 2 months prior to opening our doors in the fall of 2011. 

Our annual operations budget allowed to us from the Federal Government is currently just over $5K per student.  We need $10K per student to give them the education we dream of. That allotted amount supports every aspect of that student’s education, including salary for teachers and staff, curriculum, equipment (including computers and supplies), field trips, food, transportation etc. The more we use this money for rent of a space, the less of it is available to support the students we are serving. 


You can donate through our secure online account with PayPal. Every little bit helps. Donate a $1.00 or add as many zeros as you can! Your donations go towards helping us with securing our location and materials such as new computers, musical and recording equipment books, desks, chairs, etc.


We need mentors for students and opportunities for them to intern or job shadow with people in the arts and entertainment industries.


We need materials and supplies for student projects. Creating an inspiring workspace is a priority. We vision a school building with an aesthetic that represents local artists, designers and the Portland lifestyle. In-kind donations of furnishings, design services, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc., help us maximize our current funding for student education and support services.

If you have resources that can donate new computers, musical or recording equipment, books, desks, chairs, etc. please contact us at or at 971-678-5344.

Or purchase one of our wish-list items for us!

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REAL prep is joining forces with a number of Local and Nationally recognized businesses and organizations.  Each of these contributors are helping to make REAL Prep and its future home a state of the art, 21st century learning facility.  Our public/private relationships create a number of opportunities for partners to invest in the future of our students and in a generation of work ready, industry educated graduates. 

REAL PREP deeply appreciates your support - every gift helps to ensure the advancement and success of our students in their pursuit of entertainment and music education.

Here are some ways you can sponsor REAL Prep:

If you are interested in giving in other capacities we are happy to discuss the various types of permanent gifts and how they can be of advantages to you.

We are looking to broaden our relationships within the business community.  If you, your business or organization is interested in sponsoring REAL Prep, please contact Troy McNair, our Industry Partnerships/Development Director at 904-318-8128 or at

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