Board of Directors

Freedom Thru Freestyle, Inc..
REAL Prep Charter Academy is the primary project of Freedom Thru Freestyle, Inc., a 501c3 non- profit organization dedicated to helping people of all ages, races and backgrounds discover their true potential as creative human beings by promoting educational advancements that inspire love, forgiveness, compassion and joy through the timeless tradition of sharing story, music, dance and visual arts.

Board of Directors
Freedom Thru Freestyle, Inc. is currently undergoing the transformation from a “Founding Board” to a “Policy Board”. We are currently seeking new board members who are able to commit one to three years of service to help insure that the development of REAL Prep Charter Academy is built on a sustainable foundation both literally and figuratively.

Board Directors will be focused on two specific projects:

  1. Strategic visioning of a 5 year growth plan for REAL Prep and it’s associated programming (such as after-school, summer, student counseling, community education and other non-school specific services)

  2. Capital Campaign and other fundraising appeals to prepare REAL Prep for its permanent home and develop a stable funding stream in addition to the federal per student monies available to charter schools.

The Freedom thru Freestyle, Inc. Board of Directors has decided to work in a Policy Governance model that frees the Director’s energies from school management and allows them to focus on the “Bigger Picture”. For more information on Policy Governance please visit:

For more information about Freedom Thru Freestyle, Inc. or about applying for a Director’s position please contact


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